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Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is launching in a new purple color today, which is officially called “Bora Purple.” As the company’s press release helpfully points out, “Bora” is the Korean word for “purple,” meaning that the new color is effectively called “purple purple.” It goes on sale on August 10th for $799.99, the same price as the original Galaxy S22.

Since launch, the base model of Samsung’s latest flagship series has been available in a very similar color the company calls “violet.” But this previous color was a lot lighter, verging on pink, and was also two-tone, with gold detailing on the camera bump and around the phone’s frame. The new purple is entirely uniform, with more or less the same color across the phone’s back, camera bump, and frame.

Samsung’s announcement says more devices will be available in this color scheme later in the year. “We are excited to introduce Bora Purple, first for the S22 but also for exciting new Galaxy devices later this year,” says Samsung’s Sonia Chang. With the new color launching on August 10th, the same day as Samsung’s next Unpacked launch event, we might get a glimpse of these upcoming devices sooner rather than later

While the previous violet color was an online-exclusive, that was only available to purchase from Samsung directly, the new purple color is available from a range of different resellers in addition to the company’s own online store. These include AT&T, T-Mobile, UScellular, Verizon, and Xfinity Mobile. For a rundown of what the phone is like to use in practice, check out our Galaxy S22 review.