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A paramedic has shared her “top five rules” she enforces at home to help to keep her children safe.

Nikki Jurcutz, CEO of parenting firm Tiny Hearts Education, took to TikTok to reveal a number of dangers little ones face.

Thankfully, she was quick to share how parents can help to prevent the risks.

And she explained the tips that she recommends – based on her knowledge as an advanced life-support paramedic.

She began: “Number one is no whole nuts until my children are at least five years of age.”

“Number two is I keep them rearward-facing in the car seat for as long as possible – it’s the safest way in an accident.”

The Australian paramedic continued: “Number three is no eating in the car. Choking is silent, and it is extremely dangerous if you are driving and notice your little one is choking.

“Number four is always have contact supervision for my little ones when they’re around any form of water.”

“And number five is no access to button batteries,” she concluded.

Social media users loved her educational video, which has racked up a million views in the two days since it was posted.

Parents also took to the comments to share their own advice, while praising Nikki for her tips.

One person advised: “Just remember button batteries are hiding. Those fun sing along books, garage controllers, electric toothbrushes all have them. Be vigilant.”

And another wrote: “All good points. Add in slice grapes length ways.”

“Love this page! Thank you for everything you do,” added a third.

One commenter said: “I feel like this is just normal parenting,” to which Nikki replied: “True, simple but I’ve seen the other side when these are not in place,” before adding a heartbroken emoji.