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Vincent Kompany wants Burnley to fly high but happy to play long game

Anew reality as well as a new season opens for Burnley on Friday. A new manager with a new style and a radically different squad from the one that was

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Fast-acting immune cells provide powerful protection against stroke

This study identified a novel subset of CD8+ regulatory-like T cells, or CD8+TRLs, as “first responders” to stroke. Attracted to the site of ischemic injury by a unique “homing” signal

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Brazil’s TIM reports 54% decline in quarterly profit

Brazilian telecom TIM SA (TIMS3.SA) posted a 54.1% decrease in second quarter net profit, as soaring costs offset solid revenue growth, the company said on Monday. TIM Brazil, controlled by

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Dell is getting out of the phone syncing game

Remember when everyone wanted to own your phone and your laptop? Dell’s finally tossing in the towel (via Windows Central). On a support page, Dell announced that it’s discontinuing Mobile

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Michael Mosley’s 10-minute tip to cut brain decline and reduce dementia risk

Most of us lead busy lives and keeping up with routines like going to the gym or cooking a healthy meal can be time consuming. However, diet guru and TV

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