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A son who stabbed his parents more than 300 times in a frenzied killing has been jailed for life, with a minimum term of 27 years.

Anthony Tipping and Patricia Livesey were found dead following an incident at their home in Higher Walton in November 2021.

Lee Tipping, 37, from Preston was convicted of two counts of murder following a trial last month and sentenced to life, with a minimum term of 27 years.

He stabbed his dad at least 131 times before turning the knife on his frail mum, and inflicting at least 153 stab and slash wounds to the her six-stone body.

Tipping then fled to Manchester Airport in an attempt to leave the country, but panicked when he saw armed police and tried to check into a Premier Inn in Manchester city centre.

He was arrested there and detained under the Mental Health Act before being charged with the murders of his parents.

During the trial, Tipping claimed he was acting in self defence against Anthony Tipping, who was known as Tip or Tipper to his friends.

He then claimed he lost control and killed his mum, who he described as “a lovely woman”.

The 12 men and women of the jury dismissed Tipping’s claims, and found he was the aggressor in the bloody frenzy at his parent’s home on November 19, 2021.

He used a kettlebell to inflict injuries on Anthony, 60, and used an aerosol and lighter to launch a flamethrower at his face.

Anthony’s brother, Stuart Tipping read a victim statement on behalf of the family to the court ahead of the sentencing.

It read: “Saturday, November 20, 2021, is a day our family will remember for the rest of our lives.

“We lost two people at once. It is not like a normal bereavement.

“We never got to say goodbye and will never know what happened.

“Tip and Trish were so proud of Lee. He was the centre of their world.

“At 22 Lee went to live in supported accommodation but they were so worried about him they moved him back against the advice of professionals. They just tried to be the best parents they could.

“We always feared he would take over their lives but never thought he would take their lives.

“It is hard to believe your own flesh and blood could do such an insidious act.

“Lee is our nephew. We hate him for what he has done. He has taken them from us. Our lives will never be the same again.

Brother Stuart added that family gatherings would never be the same again.

He added that Patricia’s mum Celia was unable to sit through the court hearings and does not know the full extent of the injuries her daughter suffered.

“Celia finds the empty chair too painful and I am told it’s the first year Celia has not cooked Christmas dinner for her family.

“She is a broken woman. She visits the graves every day.

“Not only has she lost her daughter and son-in-law, she has lost her grandson. She tries to remain strong for her daughters and rarely cries in front of them.

“Listening to the evidence in court destroyed us, hearing how Tip and Trisha’s injuries were inflicted in life.

“Tip and Trish should have been able to retire and live a happy retirement. That has been taken from them.

“Seeing the brutality is unbearable. We have listened to him telling harsh lies about my brother, his mum, family and friends. He has even threatened our neice while she sat quietly through the proceedings. She has not returned to court.

“He has shown us he holds a hateful and vengeful view of our family which puts us in fear for ourselves and the next generation.

“We have all grown up in the Preston area and in a close knit community. Even though he was in a secure unit we have had no break from his control.”